Today I need to smile more

Mood – maybe +1.5 energy and + 2 wellbeing – but I don’t feel happy. Smiling makes me feel happy. I don’t like masks – they stop me smiling at people, and until masks are mandated, I am going to smile at everyone – just everyone. I love it – the best people instantly beam back, others after a second and the real grumps just walk on past with their heads down pretending I don’t exist. Although I am difficult to miss, I walk very slowly, I have a truck / rollator / walking frame on wheels, that is full of dog poo kit, walking sticks and a pick up stick and a large dog, champing on the leash. I am hard to miss. I am dressed in a beany, and large country style jacket, and I am well large enough to fit into it. As I said, I am not a shrinking violet, I am hard to miss.

Yesterday I was doing what is nominally called work, I didn’t manage much else, apart from a dog walk and Martin bless him, yet again made supper.

Smiling makes me happy, it may also make other people happy. There is research to show that moving your mouth into a rictus grim improves peoples mood – one alternative is to put a biro in your mouth – which looks silly, makes a mockery of your botox regime but works just the same. That was the kind of research they did in the 1960s and 70s, in the wake of the flower power revolution and the birth of Silicon Valley

Smile today and Happy Mapping xxx

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