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Fig 1. The MoodMap


Understanding how you feel and how your mood impacts your health and wellbeing is an essential life skill. It is a skill as basic as driving.  It is the start of self-knowledge It begins with understanding how you feel, and why you feel that way. MoodMapping is a way to navigate through life’s ups and downs and feel in charge rather than buffeted by every change in wind and fortune..

This website is designed to help you learn, understand and make your own mood maps. It is accompanied by videos and podcasts that have been designed for you to help you make the most of your life opportunities

Dr Liz Miller created MoodMaps in the 1990s. She has been teaching mood mapping for more than twenty years. Her book MoodMapping, published in 2009, by MacMillan is available on Amazon, in all formats

Not everyone reads books, and the intention of this website is to help you get some to grips with this essential life skill at your own pace. Self- knowledge helps you build better relationships, first with yourself, then with the people around you and once you are in a better place find your soulmate, your teammates, and the community that best reflects your own beliefs and values. With this in place, you can build your family, your future and hold yourself to a higher standard.

MoodMapping is free. Anyone can draw a MoodMap, and use to help improve their own personal health and wellbeing as well as those around them.

It is easy to learn to map your mood. It is visual, rather than verbal and is accessible to everyone. I have families who have a mood map on their fridge. Every morning, each family member marks where they are on the map. The family aim to have everyone feeling positive and on the right side of the map, by the end of the day, regardless of where they started.

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