7 – Differentiating the Three Levels

Each of the three levels of mental experience, thoughts, emotions and moods uses different types of words, in the list above : Troubled, Curious, Secretive, Indifferent describes thought processes and attitudes : Words such as Angry, Loving, Jealous, usefully describe emotions, ; Overwhelmed, depressed, exhausted, active, calm describe moods The differentiation between these three levels … [Read more…]

4 – Thoughts and Attitudes

Thoughts, attitudes, words themselves, learning, skills, consciousness, intelligence, creativity come from this part of the brain, which is the most sophisticated part of the brain. If the cortex is damaged, these functions suffer accordingly. Although all mammals have a cerebral cortex, or ‘outer crust’ to their brain, it is primates and particularly humans who have … [Read more…]

3 – The Three Levels of Experience

Although there is an infinite amount of subtlety and detail in our daily experiences, they might be broadly described as belonging to one of three categories i) Thoughts and Attitudesii) Emotions and Feelingsiii) Moods Each one feels slightly different. On the whole we tend to feel more distanced from i) Thoughts and Attitudes, as compared … [Read more…]