1 – Who is Dr Liz Miller?

Dr Liz Miller

Dr Liz Miller is doubly qualified both as a doctor and psychologist. She has retired from NHS General practice in 2016. Dr Liz started her career as one of the first women neurosurgeons in the UK, subsequently she worked in trauma surgery, and finally trained as a General Practitioner and Occupational Health Physician.

In her thirties Dr Liz developed bipolar disorder. For ten years, she was unable to follow her career because of mental health problems. However by the mid-1990s, she came to accept her diagnosis. A complete lifestyle change, several years of personal and emotional development, daily journalling, changing work focus and a healthy lifestyle has enabled her to live a healthy life, free of psychiatric symptoms and has not seen a psychiatrist or taken psychiatric medication for more than twenty years.

The medical profession were profoundly unsympathetic to mental health problems nonetheless she went on to train as a General Practitioner and Psychologist.

Initially returning to work as a volunteer with the Bipolar Organisation in 1995, she began to work par-time, finished her training in General Practice and qualified as a psychologist at Birkbeck College, University of London.

In 1996, with Dr Soames Michelson, she set up the Doctors’ Support Network to help doctors with mental health problems. Despite being told by Professor Robert Kendell, the then President of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, that they were unlikely to find any other doctors with mental health problems, the DSN is a thriving charity with several hundred members.

In 2007, she appeared alongside Stephen Fry in the Secret Life of the Manic Depressive. In 2008 was voted the Mind Mental Health Champion and in 2009 Macmillan published MoodMapping by Dr Liz Miller. She continues to write about well being, mental and physical health and run workshops, including a thriving MeetUp group MoodMapping London.

For further information and to learn more about MoodMapping, you can buy the book MoodMapping by Dr Liz Miller, on Amazon

and watch the YouTube video

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