2 – What is MoodMapping?

“It is hard to manage what you do not measure”

MoodMapping is a technique that helps you understand your own mental landscape better, understand your moods and to monitor how you feel over the course of the day, week and month. These measurements help you manage your emotional health and wellbeing better. MoodMapping also helps you understand other people better, because we all experience similar thoughts, emotions and moods

MoodMapping is more than a traditional stress management, emotional wellbeing course because it links directly to your brain’s structure and how it functions. This comes directly from my past experience as a neurosurgeon in the 1980s and subsequent career as a General Practitioner and Psychologist.

If you understand a bit about how your brain works, it means that you can understand yourself better, live your best life and most importantly, be your best self. So although this course does go into the science of the brain – I am going to keep it straightforward and hopefully consistent with what you already know about the brain.

We use a large number of words to describe our experiences, both mental and physical. These experiences are part of the same spectrum and they are processed within the brain. These words might include: happy, cross, worried, frustrated, angry, frustrated, joy and pleasure.

In the next section we are going to learn how they relate to the structure of the brain and to distinguish between the three levels of mental experience

i) Thoughts and Attitudes
ii) Emotions and Feelings
iii) Moods

For further information and to learn more about MoodMapping, you can buy the book MoodMapping by Dr Liz Miller, on Amazon

and watch the YouTube video

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