9 – How to MoodMap

It is very easy to lie to ourselves and to lie to others about how we really feel. MoodMapping is about being honest about how we are and using that information to help improve our mood, health and wellbeing.

The mood map describes how we feel in this moment in time, now – not yesterday and not earlier in the day. The questions are
i) How much energy do I have? and
ii) How do I feel at this moment in time?
These are not questions we often ask ourselves and so it may take a bit of time to get used to them. However with practice, it becomes increasingly easy to gauge how you feel.

The purpose of MoodMapping is bring some objectivity to what is normally highly personal experience. It is hard to manage what you do not measure. If you want to improve your well being, it is important to have a way of measuring it. It is then possible to work the things that make you feel bad, and those things that make you feel worse. And sometimes there are some big surprises!

For further information and to learn more about MoodMapping, you can buy the book MoodMapping by Dr Liz Miller, on Amazon

and watch the YouTube video

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