19 – The KeyStar

The KeyStar is a visual way to represent the five areas that affect your mood. If you score each area, depending on how good it might and how good it feels at the moment, this can start to quantify how well your life is going and what areas you need to look at in more detail

On the whole, if you have one bad area – for example, your relationship with your partner is not going so well, but you are fulfilled in the other areas of your life, you live in a nice house; you enjoy your work where you regularly learn new skills, and meet new people; your health is good, and you exercise regularly, then you are likely to be able to weather that storm and still enjoy life.

If however two or more areas of your life are difficult, you have a difficult relationship and your housing is bad, then life starts to get much tougher. If you have difficulty managing financially, then it becomes increasingly likely that your mood will begin to suffer because you are spending too long on the left side of the MoodMap in a stressed state, that is in survival mode, and you do not have time or the resources to recover and rebuild your well-being and top up your energy.

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and watch the YouTube video

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