17 – Other peoples’ moods

Moods are part and parcel of who we are and how we present to the world. They are more than a facial expression, the face for the most part is best at expressing emotions, and it is not hard for many people to learn to hide their feelings by wearing a ‘mask’. Actors earn a great deal of money from their ability to mimic the different facial expressions and body language associated with different emotions.

However we can often tell how our friends are feeling long before we can see their faces or even hear their voices. Moods are expressed through movement, through appearance, and whether someone looks healthy or drawn.

Moods are contagious and they are a primary part of our bonding with other people. I am sure that many people have been to a party where they felt totally alone, despite being surrounded by friends. This happens when your mood is very different from that of the people around you.

You may go to the party and find your friends lift your mood, and from having felt sad and alone after a little while you feel much more buoyant and alive and very glad you went to the party.

You may also have had the experience of talking to and cheering up a sad friend – and that is a very rewarding

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