10 – Mood & Energy

Mood has two parts. The first part is energy which MoodMapping puts on the vertical axis of the Map. Energy can vary and some people naturally seem to have more energy than others. Without doubt physical fitness, and health generally play a major part in how much energy someone has, but there is often more to it.

The scale goes from the highest energy levels where you are totally buzzing, to the lowest level which is where you feel like death warmed up. We tend to use words like ‘hyper’, energetic, lively, calm, lazy, idle, restless, and restful, but the problem with words is that they have different meanings, not just between people but words also depend on their context and how they are used.

When the top of the graph is you at your most energetic and the bottom of the line, your lowest energy, where would you place yourself on this axis at this moment in time?

For further information and to learn more about MoodMapping, you can buy the book MoodMapping by Dr Liz Miller, on Amazon

and watch the YouTube video

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