21 – Improving your KeyStar

This is where the rubber hits the road, where you start having to make changes that lead to a long term improvement in your mood. Again you have measured your strengths and this tells you where you can make improvements. Overall it is best to have a more or balanced KeyStar. You may for example … [Read more…]

20 – Scoring your KeyStar

The purpose of scoring your KeyStar is similar to the reasons that you measure and monitor your mood. It hard to manage what you do not measure and therefore the KeyStar and Five Areas come with a scoring system. In each of the five areas, work out what would be your ideal. For example, Autonomy: … [Read more…]

19 – The KeyStar

The KeyStar is a visual way to represent the five areas that affect your mood. If you score each area, depending on how good it might and how good it feels at the moment, this can start to quantify how well your life is going and what areas you need to look at in more … [Read more…]

18 – The Five Keys to Mood

Being able to monitor is interesting, and can help you understand yourself better but it is equally important that action follows. What actions can you take that change your mood? You almost certainly use a large number of such strategies already. Indeed, most of us spend most of our time making ourselves feel better about … [Read more…]

17 – Other peoples’ moods

Moods are part and parcel of who we are and how we present to the world. They are more than a facial expression, the face for the most part is best at expressing emotions, and it is not hard for many people to learn to hide their feelings by wearing a ‘mask’. Actors earn a … [Read more…]