What is mood?

Fig 3 – Moody skies Our Mood is our internal background. It influences everything we say and do –  a good mood helps towards a wonderful and exciting day,, a bad mood contributes makes us gloomy and encourages negative emotions,  such as frustration, anger and jealousy By contrast, we use emotions to express how we feel. Unlike … [Read more…]

How Mood Maps helps

A MoodMap describes your mood, visually and at the moment, You can use MoodMaps to track how you feel over time, to track what makes things better and what makes things worse. Most importantly, you do not need to be able to describe how you feel in words, you use a picture, which is your … [Read more…]

Start your journey today

Fig 1. The MoodMap   Understanding how you feel and how your mood impacts your health and wellbeing is an essential life skill. It is a skill as basic as driving.  It is the start of self-knowledge It begins with understanding how you feel, and why you feel that way. MoodMapping is a way to … [Read more…]