18 – The Five Keys to Mood

Being able to monitor is interesting, and can help you understand yourself better but it is equally important that action follows. What actions can you take that change your mood? You almost certainly use a large number of such strategies already. Indeed, most of us spend most of our time making ourselves feel better about … [Read more…]

16 – The Word Map

This is my WordMap, it is likely that your map is different and if you have done this with a friend, then their’s is likely to be different again. We are much more used to using words, however a quick comparison between a few people shows that we all use them very differently. And it … [Read more…]

15 – Words and Mood

Generally we are more used to describing our mood in terms of words, rather than numbers. This list of words (frightened, astonished, motivated, excited, sad, tired, exhausted, relaxed, content, pleased, and delighted are moods that relate largely to mood, rather than thoughts or emotions. Although many words can be used to describe moods and emotions, … [Read more…]

14 – The Mood Point

When you have worked out where you are on the horizontal and vertical axes and made the marks, join the two points with a vertical and horizontal line to give you the MoodPoint. This Point describes your mood at that moment in time. When you do this several times a day, you will discover how … [Read more…]