Finding the right mood

Fig 7 The illustrated MoodMap MoodMapping is a navigation system for your mind. It helps you go from one mental state to another. This system works, it has been tried and tested over many years. The worst criticism it has faced is being called ‘Mental Pilates’ and that when you are tired and depressed, it … [Read more…]

Getting back to work

Fig 6. Sinclair Miller During the 1990s, I struggled. To begin with, I had lost a “glass ceiling breaking” career as a neurosurgeon and what was worse I had lost my mind. I had always prided myself on having a good brain. It did what I wanted, solved problems, came up with new ideas, remembered … [Read more…]

How I came to be interested in Mood

Fig 4 Edinburgh Royal Infirmary – Gormenghast As with so many people in life, who research specific topics, their interest comes from personal experience I qualified as a medical doctor in 1980, just before my 23rd birthday. I had raced through A’levels, med school, and the age of 25 was only the third woman to … [Read more…]

What is mood?

Fig 3 – Moody skies Our Mood is our internal background. It influences everything we say and do –  a good mood helps towards a wonderful and exciting day,, a bad mood contributes makes us gloomy and encourages negative emotions,  such as frustration, anger and jealousy By contrast, we use emotions to express how we feel. Unlike … [Read more…]