Predator or Prey?

Prey or predator or prey? A little of both in each of us. Predators: need praise, recognition and money.Prey: safety and comfort. It is easy enough to spot predators and prey amongst partners, housemates, friends, relatives and acquaintances. Unchecked, predators, however charming and exciting, overstep their boundaries and devour the very people they depend on. … [Read more…]

Today I need to smile more

Mood – maybe +1.5 energy and + 2 wellbeing – but I don’t feel happy. Smiling makes me feel happy. I don’t like masks – they stop me smiling at people, and until masks are mandated, I am going to smile at everyone – just everyone. I love it – the best people instantly beam … [Read more…]

University Choices

Mood not so good today, maybe +1 energy and +1 Wellbeing – I did a bit of walking yesterday, wine free protein rich supper, a desert of blueberries and biscuits – not too many. Diet OK! Hip gradually getting better – so why am I not so happy today? I am doing a course about … [Read more…]